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I press pauseFreeze frame right thereWhat is Peter doing Blind faith "Jesus said come so I'm coming and I have no idea why where or how" Leap of faith Turn off reason and just jump Peter had been a fisherman for years Water was something he knew He knew how to handle himself in a boat I bet he had been in other storms; maybe even fallen in a few times He knew that it is not possible to walk on water and that in a storm there was little chance his friends would be able to get him back into the boat So Peter was up to the edge turn off his brain and jump Was that it Or did he decide to say a little prayer and stop worrying about it Let go and let GodWas it any of those or was it Eyes Open FaithTo answer this question let's look back at Peter's relationship with Jesus up to that pointIn Matthew 4:18 Jesus calls his first two disciples Peter and AndrewThen in Matthew 4:23 in Galilee Peter sees Jesus heal every-the Bible says every-disease and sickness among the people Crowds of people gather for help and he heals them allMatthew 8 after the Sermon on the Mount Jesus heals a man w/leprosy Then a centurion asks Jesus to heal a servant of his Jesus heals the servant without even being near him That's long distance healingLater he heals Peter's mother-in-lawThen the crowds are back and Jesus is a non-stop healer He doesn't heal common aches and pains He heals serious medical problems Then in chapter 9 He heals a paralyzed man a blind guy and man who is mute He tops it off by bringing a little girl back from the deadIn chapter 10 he gives his healing authority to the twelve disciples and they do healingIn 11 Jesus does a bunch more healing and the then the finale Peter saw the things that Jesus did and then he saw Jesus divide up 5 loaves and two small fishes in order to feed five thousand people Jesus still wasn't done later he caught up with the disciples boat across several miles of water during a storm on footOur Lord Jesus left no doubt that he is God and has power over all thingsWhy did Peter jump onto the water with Christ Here's a better question why didn't half the boat jump in after him At least James and John should have given it a try The other disciples had seen Jesus evidence power and authority over illness death and nature Why didn't the others get inSame reason we don'tHere's a check point for us to consider Peter wasn't running blind Peter hadn't turned off his brain Peter was taking what he knew of Christ and was daring enough to put it into practiceOKUnpause the DVD Peter steps on the water He's freaking out but he is doing it The storms around him take the advantage and he starts to sink He tried but couldn't stop sinking so he cried out to the Lord Don't we love to shake our finger at Peter "Never take your eyes off of God" Peter failed because he took his eyes off of God I disagree Peter wasn't a failure he was a success Peter was a complete success because he stepped into the storm with Jesus and when he was overwhelmed with the struggle he turned to Jesus Christ for help That is victory Not failureFailure would have been not stepping out of the boat at all Failure is ignoring the Lord when we have struggles or ignoring the Lord when things go well Peter couldn't even save Himself He had get Christ to help him up back onto the water Guess what Nobody can walk on water by themselves and only a complete fool would try and climb up out and onto the waves by himselfPeter was a success because he stepped into the storm with Christ and continued to turn to Christ for supportSo what do we learn from all this In order to step out on faith Peter had to know Christ In order to step out in faith Peter had to believe his own eyes and put his belief into practice Stepping out on faith means stepping into the stormDo you know Christ Are you in a healthy growing relationship with Christ If not then you won't be able to share in the power of Eyes Open Faith Do you know His Word You can't believe Christ if you don't the Bible The Bible records who Christ isI'm not talking just about reading the Bible but about relating to it Read it think about it and ask God and other Christians questions about it When you relate to the events and teachings in scripture you are engaging your mind and heart in relation with our Lord In order to step out in faith we have to know Christ and we do that by knowing His Word the BibleSecond in order to step out in faith we have to believe the testimony of an eye witness account We weren't there to witness these things but those who were wrote down some of what they saw It's called the Bible If you really believe the Bible is true then take action on what you knowIn order to step out with Eyes Open Faith you have to actually believe the eye witness account in scripture and put your belief into actionThird stepping out on faith means stepping into the storm Christians who have taken the step to live out their faith will face struggles Why do Christians struggle There is a storm raging around them And to survive they must cry out to GodAre we are in the middle of a spiritual storm Look at the world around us Temptations apathy and outright resistance to anything Christian constantly swirl around us and at us The healthy Christians are struggling: struggling against the gale force winds of temptation and old habits struggling against the tides of peer pressure or socially acceptable sin Get caught in a storm and quit struggling then you're swept up by the storm and carried away If you want to step out in faith then realize you are stepping into a storm and you will have strugglesCheck something else Peter didn't let go and let God he stepped out of the boat and he walked on the water (by God's empowerment) After he sank and Christ lifted him back up Peter walked with Christ back through the storm on the way back to the boat As Peter sank Jesus could have calmed the storm Jesus has power over all storms Instead of taking away the storm Jesus walked with Peter through it Peter knew Christ responded to Jesus' call put his faith into practice and struggled through the storm side-by-side with Jesus ChristThat is true faith: eyes open faith I want that faith Why so I can be faith healer Or get a new car or better job Get rid of the chronic pain that has plagued me for years Go be a missionaryWe always think that powerful faith is for the big stuffIs Jesus calling us to do big movie style things Sometimes but the most important things that Christ is calling us to are spelled out clearly in the BibleHere are some of the ways Jesus is calling us: Jesus is calling us: Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church Jesus is calling us: Forgive those how have sinned against us Jesus is calling us: Love your enemies do good to those who hate you Jesus through the apostle Paul is calling us: "In your anger do not sin" Eph 4:26 I'll stop there These are difficult things Jesus is calling us to It will be very hard but I know Christ and believe He is God Yet am I willing to step out of the boatThere is a man I know Some years ago we had a disagreement We had an argument The anger built to mistrust and the relationship was broken I had trusted admired and looked up to this man Jesus is calling me Jesus is saying come get out of the boat and forgive this manAfter a year or so my anger and resentment had turned to apathy and disappointment Not exactly a success story I haven't made a lot of progress but have struggled to forgive I repeatedly fail in forgiving and sink beneath the waves I cry out to Christ for help and He lifts me up I've sunk down and been lifted up so many times I feel like a cork in a water fountainI know that when Christ calls us he enables us to follow He knows we will fall and when we reach out again like a baby learning to walk we grow stronger If I were a man who could freely forgive others not harboring anger what transformation would take place in my relationship with Christ and those around me It would be a life altering change that would bless me and everyone that I knowSo what is the central message of faith Make a choice to believe the reliable account of an eye witness to the nature and work of Jesus Christ Faith is a difficult road filled with sweet reward and there is nothing betterLet's jump into the storm and walk with Christ Another suggestion.
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